Friday, September 30, 2016

Apple Company and NVIDIA are making ‘Revolutionary’ New Computer Systems

Apple will unveil a redesigned MacBook Pro next month, as well as other Mac hardware, according to many reports on the matter. But the company may have even more interesting computers down the road, as it's apparently partnering with Nvidia for ‘revolutionary’ new products.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Galaxy S7 edge explodes in the Philippines

The Galaxy Note 7 is the only Samsung phone that experienced widespread battery issues that lead to explosions and fires. Samsung had to recall the handset and offer replacements and refunds to affected buyers. Samsung fixed the problem, and successfully replaced hundreds of thousands of units around the world. However, Samsung has to clean up its image as well, and that’s a tough task when other Samsung phones explode.

Galaxy Note 7 Explosions in China Sends Consumers Operating to the iPhone 7

iphone 7 galaxy VS Note 7
China is the one major market that was not affected by the massive Galaxy Note 7 recall. Samsung said the phones in the region are safe because they contain batteries made by a local vendor , not Samsung SDI. The Samsung part made the exploding batteries that equipped Galaxy Note 7 units distributed outside of China, which is why Galaxy Note 7 sales were not interrupted in the country.

But recent Galaxy Note 7 explosions in China may end up hurting Samsung anyway.

iPhone 8’s Hottest News was Simply Unveiled through another Company

Mi 5
Mi 5
Xiaomi is a name that smartphone users in the United States likely aren’t very familiar with. The company makes stunning Android phones that feature flagship power and specs, and it sells them at shockingly low prices. Why haven’t you ever seen one of Xiaomi’s phones in the US? Because the company built a multi-billion dollar smartphone business based on shamelessly copying everything Apple does, so it would likely be sued into oblivion if it had tried to sell its phones in the US market. One time, Xiaomi even had an executive in a black mock turtleneck and jeans unveil a new smartphone at a press conference. No, seriously.