Monday, September 2, 2013

Billionaires Barter Private Island For Ferrari Enzo!

Billionaires Barter Private Island For Ferrari Enzo
Legendary Italian supercar, the Ferrari Enzo is only produced as many as 401 units in the world turned out to be the most valuable target car. Even a billionaire willing to barter with a private island just to get 1 unit of the Enzo Ferrari.

Justin Bieber Attacked at Nightclub Night Canada

Often hang out in a nightclub, this time Justin Bieber recently got unlucky.
Site E! Online reported that the singer of 'Boyfriend' was recently attacked at a nightclub called Uniun in Toronto, Canada, on Friday night (30/8).

A witness named Robbie Stilez who was in the club that night said on E! Online, Justin was attacked while walking towards the dance floor.