Monday, September 2, 2013

Justin Bieber Attacked at Nightclub Night Canada

Often hang out in a nightclub, this time Justin Bieber recently got unlucky.
Site E! Online reported that the singer of 'Boyfriend' was recently attacked at a nightclub called Uniun in Toronto, Canada, on Friday night (30/8).

A witness named Robbie Stilez who was in the club that night said on E! Online, Justin was attacked while walking towards the dance floor.

"He was in the VIP room with her friends about an hour. He seemed to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Then he went down to the dance floor and chatting with women. While walking to the other side, he was attacked, "said Robbie.

When Justin was attacked, Robbie had seen a man tried to pull Justin. The rest he can not explain, because it is quite difficult to see what he thinks happened at that time Justin. Shortly after that, the club brings security to the attacker Justin outside the building.

Not only that, according recognition security officer, a mysterious man who attacked Justin was also stealing a gold necklace worn Justin.