Monday, September 2, 2013

Billionaires Barter Private Island For Ferrari Enzo!

Billionaires Barter Private Island For Ferrari Enzo
Legendary Italian supercar, the Ferrari Enzo is only produced as many as 401 units in the world turned out to be the most valuable target car. Even a billionaire willing to barter with a private island just to get 1 unit of the Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari Enzo

Not known the name of the owner of 3 acres on the island near the coast of Port Orange, Florida. Legendary Ferrari Enzo supercar produced since 2002 is already sold out. However, the question will there be a Ferrari Enzo owners that the average collector supercar is off for an island for hundreds of billions of dollars this?

Enzo Ferrari, although the value of a used car is quite able to reach U.S. $ 1.2 million or around Rp 13 billion. Though for now the glory of the Ferrari Enzo successor is LaFerrari ready for the market, but what makes Enzo the target of the world's billionaires?

The first is the main attraction as well as a high value is the name of Enzo that she proposes is the name of the founder of Ferrari. The second, the Ferrari Enzo was designed by Ken Okuyama, as leader of the legendary Pininfarina design. Then the third is the engine capacity of 6.0 liter V12-powered 660 hp with 657 Nm of torque combined with a gearbox F1 car has a speed of 150 milliseconds gearshift.

Enzo Ferrari engine

Interior Ferrari Enzo