Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Tomcat" Afraid of Sunlight

Indonesia - Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare (Welfare) Agung Laksono said the insects 'tomcat' or Rove beetles have a toxin that causes injury to human skin, afraid of sunlight.

"Tomcat afraid of the sun even though she likes the lights," said Agung Laksono here on Thursday.

For that, the Court asked the public aware of tomcat in areas not exposed to moisture and sunlight.

"The community itself is often called upon to close the doors and windows when there is given a mosquito net to prevent the beetles that come in," he said.

In addition, the public is also encouraged to use mosquito nets when sleeping in the middle region is endemic beetle attack.

Agung said the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture have been coordinating to address assault tomcat.

"One of the efforts to control the spraying of insecticides and socialization to the community," he said.

Community, plus the Great to keep the house clean and the environment, especially plants that are not maintained at around the house because it could be a place Paederus beetles.

In addition, the public is also prohibited from rubbing the skin or eyes when in contact with the beetle tomcat.

"When the beetle is in our skin, remove it carefully, by blowing or using the paper to take a beetle," he said.

In addition, he also urged to immediately make the water flow to the skin with soap that come in contact with the insect. (kr)