Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There are 12 Types and How to Solve Tomcat insect poison

Insects are known to attack the insect tomcat apartments in Surabaya. This insect is also reportedly attacked and Wonorejo Kenjeran region.
Insect expert from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Hari Sutrisno, said, "Insect Tomcat is actually the genus Paederus insects."
The insects are beetles have relatively small size, about 1 cm so that sometimes is not recognized. The uniqueness of this insect is the wing that did not cover the entire abdomen.

"There are 12 species of insects of this kind. But the most here is Paederus fasciatus. So it's likely that in Surabaya are of this type," explains Day.
Day said that these insects have habitat in the rice fields, forests and urban parks. Typically, these insects eat other insects egg-eating leaves.
The name of this insect is actually slightly less precise because tomcat is the name of pesticides. In some areas, these insects often called ant or ants kayap Kanai.
Days when contacted Monday (3/19/2012) revealed that Paederus insects usually attack to defend itself. These insects can attack anything that is considered to have annoying.
However, Day said, "Attacks on humans are actually not a destination. Just maybe there is a human activity that interferes with this insect."
Activities such as insects bother going into the house and blocked the curtain, the man opened the curtain so that these beetles fly and attack.
Paederus characteristic is the ability to produce toxins called paederin. When attacked, the insect will excrete these toxins, just like a snake that can be issued.
The toxin is said to be bad for humans. Result if it is attacked by insects dermatitis, in which the skin blisters and burns like discharge.
"If you hit this bug, then we have to wash it with soapy water to neutralize the poison. Then can also use potassium permanganate or ointment to treat," said Day.
It is said that this insecticide concentration is 12 times greater than could be cobras. However, Day said that the poison is not deadly insects.
According to Day, beetles Paederus actually beneficial insects for farmers being able to eradicate the plant hopper. Therefore, this insect is quite prevented his presence, do not be eradicated with chemical pesticides.
Today called on people not to panic. This insect is already commonly experienced. hany need to move just as exposed to attack.