Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ten Results Bad Indonesia Throughout History

Ten. This figure is suddenly not out of mind and the minds of football fans crowded into the discussion of the homeland, Wednesday (29/2) last night.Because, unfortunately, history has created an embarrassment for Indonesia national team. In the last match of World Cup 2014 qualifying zone Asia, Indonesia swallowed Bahrain hosts, 10-0.Ten goals to create the goal Andi Muhammad Guntur. As if the more complete the misery, Samsidar received a red card in third minute of the match, following a red card to the coach Aji Santoso, and four times the penalty imposed referee Andre El Haddad from Lebanon. History also records, no other team after the Brighton & Hove Albion in March 1989 who received four penalty at once in one game.Tried to summarize the top ten results from Indonesia's worst ever experienced in history. Definition of "worst" does not necessarily mean defeat with a great score, but also the results surprising and unexpected that prevent the realization of a dream Indonesia to excel. Ten games are also selected based on their impact on the development of football country as a whole. Thus, the 7-1 defeat of Uruguay, for example, the test match is not included in the record.Note these results are also not meant to be blasphemous, but done in a spirit of learning from the experiences that have been experienced by Indonesia. Football is not only about winning, but also how to rise from adversity.
1. Strike at the regional debut, vs. Thailand 1-1, SEA Games 1977For the first time Indonesia participated in the Southeast Asian Games, SEA Games. On the football branch, Indonesia pinned favorite status for the tournament already subscribed between countries such as the Free Games, King's Cup Thailand, or South Korea President Cup. Increasingly outspoken favorite status when Indonesia can beat the host Malaysia 2-1 in the SEA Games debut match. After the game, the Indonesian squad camp host accuses implement strategies with unsportsmanlike tight schedule. The climax occurs when the semi-final match in Indonesia protested the referee's leadership Omar Othman, from Malaysia, which is considered one-sided. Players fight with Thailand and Indonesia the referee stopped the match in the 60th minute at 1-1. Indonesia refused to continue the fight so that the committee gave victory to Thailand. Indonesia went on strike protesting to compete in the bronze medal match against Burma.
2. Super-silenced Mokh Senayan, vs Malaysia 0-1, SEA Games 1979After the case of strike on debut participation, Indonesia managed to advance to the round top of the 1979 SEA Games held at home. Hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes packed Senayan hoped Indonesia could complement the overall championship title with a gold medal prima donna branch, football. Moreover, the enemy at the top of the game is eternal enemies, Malaysia. Indonesia hopes of the people perished at the foot of the legendary striker Malayan tiger, Mokhtar Dahari. Utilizing Ronny Pattinasarany carelessness, the player nicknamed the Super-Mokh Paslah Ronny managed to find the net in the 21st minute. Indonesia failed to reply to the rest of the game and the rivalry of two neighboring countries are also becoming in.

3. Giants against little man, vs. Fiji 3-3, 1982 World Cup QualifiersIndonesia was able to beat Fiji, a country the size of West Nusa Tenggara province, in two meetings at the 1982 World Cup qualifiers. Incorporated in the Sub-Group A World Cup 1982 qualifier with New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, and Fiji, Indonesia came close to crashing into caretaker. Poor results recorded in the first four games when it was overpowered New Zealand 2-0 and 5-0, home and away, giving up 2-0 by Australia in Melbourne, and a 0-0 draw against hosts Fiji. PSSI decided to replace the coach with Endang Witarsa ​​Harry Tjong. In Senayan, two days before against Fiji, as quoted by Tempo, the manager will tell the player Syarnoebi Said Indonesia vowed to ward off suspicions likely bribed. In the field, Indonesia was leading 3-1 3-3 before finally identified by Fiji until the game ends. Indonesia lucky survivors of the position of caretaker after beating Australia 1-0 in the final match which was not decisive.
4. Anticlimax Garuda 1, vs. Thailand 0-7, SEA Games 1985Only four months after Sub Group B won the 1986 World Cup qualifiers and second only to South Koreans who escaped to Mexico, Indonesia does not appear with the same standards in the SEA Games in Thailand.Though Indonesia has come up with the remnants of Garuda 1 squad of specially trained in Brazil. The difference, Bertje Matulapelwa appointed as coach to replace Sinyo Aliandoe. On the participation this time, Indonesia was only able to draw in four games. The climax is a defeat to hosts Thailand 7-0 in the semi-finals. After the SEA Games, PSSI Bertje still trusted to handle the national team. As is known, then successfully brought Bertje Indonesia ranked fourth Asian Games in 1986. Failure seems to be the SEA Games pelecut Indonesia to go far in the Asian Games and then won the 1987 SEA Games held in Jakarta.
5. Effendy Mursyid own goal, vs. Thailand 2-3, 1998 Tiger CupTo avoid a host of favorites on Vietnam in the semi-finals, Indonesia and Thailand "refuse" to win in their final preliminary round Group A. Both teams have certainly qualified for the semi-finals, but a draw was enough for Thailand to occupy the position of runner-up and out of the game against Vietnam. Not serious peaked after the break. Indonesia leads twice before always equated Thailand. The climax, in the 90th minute Murshid Effendi chipped the ball into his own net! Thailand won 3-2 and dealing with Vietnam in the semi-finals. PSSI chairman Azwar Anas at the airport to welcome the return of the national team and he tearfully resigned because of the embarrassing incident. Afterwards, Murshid also got to play for the national team suspended for life by FIFA.
6. Anticlimax in the Bamboo Curtain country, 0-5 vs. China, Asia Cup 2004Bulgaria with a coach who is always accompanied by a translator Indonesian, Ivan Kolev, took Asia by surprise Garuda beat Qatar 2-1 in their opening match of Group A Asian Cup 2004. These results lead to fire Qatar coach Philippe Troussier. Optimism was inflated because Indonesia needs at least one additional point against China and Bahrain in two subsequent matches. In fact, Indonesia appeared lethargic in the second game to face the host Chinese. Alex Pulalo got a red card in the 29th minute and gave Garuda 5-0. In the last match Indonesia defeated Bahrain 3-1 and failed to enter the last eight. Kolev then do not continue duties as coach and replaced by Peter Withe for AFF Cup the same year. Withe made by the team, relying on a new star like Boaz Solossa and Ilham Jayakesuma, look dazzling at the tournament.
7. Garuda blunders Young, Syria vs 0-7, 2010 World Cup qualifiersPublic desire to increase after the appearance of Indonesia in Asian Cup 2007 is fairly satisfactory despite failing to qualify for the quarter-finals.Drove away in the spirit of World Cup qualifiers even floats when dealing with Syria in the elimination round. What meretricious, 9 November, Indonesia must recognize the benefits of the visitors 4-1. Feeling no longer have a chance, Indonesia sent a team of U-23, prepared following the 2007 SEA Games. That policy proved to be a blunder. Young eagles give up 7-0 in Damascus and failed miserably in Rachasima Nakhon, Thailand.Coach Ivan Kolev revered as Asia Cup PSSI was torn lose confidence and was replaced by Benny Dollo in early 2008.
8. Stumble in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia vs 0-3, first leg AFF Cup 2010Indonesia struggles to end an inch longer fasting title since 1991 will be realized in the AFF Cup 2010. Indonesia has always won in the three group stage matches and two semi-final match against the surprise team Philippines. Opponents in the top match is Malaysia, which swallowed up a young team 5-1 in the opening match at Senayan. With all the scrutiny and exploitation of Alfred Riedl's side, including the activities of the team following the recitation before the final match, Indonesia stumble in Bukit Jalil. Malaysia surprise with a 3-0 victory and the result was only able to reply to the second game 2-1 in Senayan few days later. Public expectations for achievement was again dashed. Six months after the tournament, a change of leadership and Riedl PSSI controversially sacked to be replaced by Wim Rijsbergen.
9. Senayan scandal, Selection 2-3 vs. Yugoslavia, exhibition matchThe late Tony Pogacnik stunned every time a reporter asked about the embarrassing incident that occurred in the middle of preparing Indonesia for the Asian Games 1962 in their own country. Preparation for the branch held a serious football by holding a national training and set up two teams, Bull and Garuda. A number of test match was held, among others, faced Torpedo Moscow and Yugoslavia Selection. In the 3-2 defeat against Yugoslavia Selection number of national team players allegedly taking bribes. Pogacnik even to tears when police checked and hold a few players over the allegations. In the end, Pogacnik is obliged to create an entirely new team. In the Asian Games, Indonesia failed to fly higher and further marginalized in the group stage.
10. Tragedy Manama, Bahrain vs 0-10, 2014 World Cup QualifiersFinally, of course the result that just happened in the last qualifying match to Brazil in 2014. No longer have a chance, coupled with the problem of dualism competition, PSSI dispatched a team filled with players only from legitimate competition. Wim Rijsbergen is no longer a trusted coach and coached the team Aji Santoso. Bad results apparently undermine Aji debut match and most of the players in the international arena. 10-0 defeat in Manama's largest, Indonesia experienced throughout history, surpassing the record when it defeated Denmark 9-0 in 1974.(bkr/krz)