Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Smiths vs. Lana Del Rey - This Charming Video Game

As well known, flamboyant and charismatic pop singer from the UK, Morrissey will come to Indonesia for the concert to be held in May 2012.Last Thursday, the official concert tickets already sold.
For the fans to watch Morrissey is like a dream come true. Wait a dozen years or decades will ultimately reap the happiness in the month of May.
Morrissey started his career in 1982 as lead singer of music group The Smiths. Means that this year has been exactly 30 years musical career.
In the midst of my preparation for Morrissey concert tickets online, accidentally I saw a video of an editorial, "The Smiths vs Lana Del Rey - This Charming Video Game (Mashup)".

This mashup created by Reborn Identity which is another name music producer named Gavin Burrell mashup specialists.
(For the uninitiated, the mashup is a song or composition that combines two or more different songs into a new unity song).
I had doubts, whether this mashup between The Smiths and Lana Del Rey will succeed. Given the character of each song are very different.
Lana Del Rey is a new pop star that shines more names in the music industry today. Lana is dimashup this song, "Video Game" is the debut single, released in October 2011 last month.
While the song is the mashup of The Smiths' This Charming Man "was first released in October 1983. And became one of the biggest hits of The Smiths throughout his career.
All my doubts vanished instantly when I play this video. Morrissey fierce vocals on "This Charming Man" flowed naturally between the music of the dark in the "Video Game".
Visual appearance in the video which also incorporates the official music video for both songs were really in tune.Mashup is very successful to make me glance think that this song is a version of "This Charming Man" which was never released so far.
The second song that has a 29-year age range as if each find his soul mate.