Saturday, March 3, 2012

Qatar coach: Investigate Indonesia vs Bahrain National Team Game

TEHRAN - Qatar coach, Paulo Autuori keget unbelievable when knowing the outcome of games versus the Bahrain national team Indonesia-ending 10-0. He said there are some oddities in the game led by referee Andre El Haddad from Lebanon is.

The first odd moment is flash a red card to goalkeeper Indonesia, Samsidar in the second minute of the game. In addition to the red card, Bahrain was awarded a penalty. Not just one, Bahrain also received a penalty four times throughout the game.

That's according Autuori had never witnessed in all his life. There are some strange things in Bahrain match. Therefore, if you want to build a football AFC Asia, it is necessary to investigate these results, "added the Autuori told Al Watan.

He admitted that he had stressed to learn Bahrain has scored eight goals for Indonesia, while Qatar teringgal 2-1 over Iran. In these conditions, it can be eliminated from the Qatar World Cup qualifiers.

"I was surprised to find out the results of Indonesia. But I do not tell that to the players to keep them calm in the play," he said

The result was obtained justice goals Qatar with the birth of a counterweight against Iran at the end of the game. Goal that was at once dispelled Bahrain superior results from Indonesia 10-0. While it ensures the ticket in the final round qualifying, Qatar still urged FIFA and AFC to thoroughly investigate the Bahrain match versus Indonesia.