Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Hydrant, from Bali to Slovakia

 The Hydrant is a band consisting of Marshello (vocals and harmonica), Wis. (guitar), Adi (double bass), Christopper (stand up drums). The band was formed in Denpasar, Bali on August 14, 2004. Initially they played and created Rockabilly tunes.

Wis Marshello introduced to the guitarist, and finally was able to create an aura of excellent music for the Bali and Indonesia. their purpose is only one, which is to play Rockabilly music and introduce to the rest of Indonesia.

Rock and Roll and Rockabilly in the 50s at most affect the work of The Hydrant, such as Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Stray Cats and. Given Bali, especially Kuta, is a well known tourist destination, Rockabilly music and lifestyle quickly channeled into the lives of four men. They have written their songs in English and Indonesia.After the Bali bombing, The Hydrant make a very important decision, that they must do something to Bali through songs and music. They are participating in many compilation albums dedicated to victims of the Bali bombings. In 2006 they had a contract with Electrohell Records, an indie record company in Bali. Saturday Night Riot released the same year and became the first Rockabilly album in Indonesia. The Hydrant managed to look stunning in Jakarta after the launch of the first album, and attract a lot of major labels.

With a fresh musical style in Indonesia, clothing in the 50's are cool, big hair greasy and exceptional action stage, everyone was surprised. The Hydrant has a style that has never existed before in Indonesia.

The Hydrant second album produced by a major label EMI Music Indonesia, Rockabilly Live! in 2007. After passing through a tough year in 2008, two of their personnel, Zio and Morris decides to come out, and it becomes the toughest times for The Hydrant.

Eventually the two brothers joined with the rest of the personnel, Marshello and Wis. They are Christopper and Adi, a very talented musician who becomes the latest personnel The Hydrant. The Hydrant with both make it more exciting Rockabilly.

In 2009, Bali Bandidos album out. An album that has a thick Mexican Rockabilly Dark. Music magazine Rolling Stone made a very positive reviews about this album. They were invited to a big music festival in Europe, Bazant Pohoda in Slovakia, and gives a wonderful impression for the European audience.