Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grunge is not Dead Prove Navicula

Navicula was founded in 1996 in Denpasar, Bali by two musical activists: Robi and Dankie. After passing through several personnel changes in the early years of this band is made, until the recent formation formed consisting of: Rob (vocals, guitar), Dankie (guitar), Made (bass) and Gembull (drums). Navicula name was taken from a similar single-celled algae gold, shaped like a small ship (in Latin Navicula means small ship).

Grunge band brings their music as a base color, combined with a variety of ethnic colors, psychedelic, blues, alternative, folk, progressive, clad in pure rock. The lyrics are loaded with messages of activism and the spirit of peace, love and freedom.

Navicula active as a band better known indie music, though had a contract with major label Sony-BMG in 2004. Together with Sony-BMG, Navicula released their 4th album entitled, Alchemist. But in 2007, their fifth album, Beautiful Rebel, independently released and the band re-kindle the spirit of their ideals through the indie music scene.

Navicula music strongly influenced by the alternative rock of the 90s, especially grunge / seattle-sound kind of bands Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana. But what makes their music to be so unique is pekatnya Balinese cultural influence at this time as a melting-pot of the world (where the mixing of different cultures), and the opportunity to be creative in a condition that this contrast.

Through a mix of many elements, from classical Balinese spiritual culture, the influence of international artists who settled in Bali to draw inspiration, and modern culture in a number of international spot in Bali, the band gained their original sense, a sense of 'golden green grunge', a sense of Navicula.