Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cure Stress : With the Kiss

Couples kissing can relieve stress, according to a study by a professor of communication at Arizona State, USA, Kory Floyd, PhD.

Kory, a deep affection, has conducted an ongoing study of 50 couples. All couples were collected and Kory record their stress levels.
Once recorded, the majority attempted to kiss their partner for longer and more frequent. After six weeks, found that couples are more likely to smell, decreased stress levels.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S III

           After rumors of its release several times reported, Samsung finally announced the official presence of the Samsung GALAXY S III in the 2012 event in London Samsung unpacked. Samsung Galaxy S III is following the HTC One X that also carries the quad-core processors.
Samsung Galaxy S III
From the specification, the work of the class Android smartphone Samsung is equipped Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich and a quad-core Cortex A9 chipset 1.4 GHz Quad Exynos 4212. For the screens, Samsung Galaxy S III using Super AMOLED screen HD (1280 x 720 pixels) measuring 4.8 inches. This is the largest screen size Samsung ranks number 2 in the Galaxy (after Galaxy Note).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

U.S. Sues Apple and Publishers as E-book Set Price

Washington - The U.S. Justice Department sued Apple and five publishing companies on Wednesday, accused of conspiracy to raise prices and restrict competition e-book and immediately announced a partial settlement in this case.

After the anti-monopoly lawsuit was launched, officials said three of these publishers have agreed to terminate the plan to force retailers like Amazon to accept the new pricing plan to limit their ability to offer discounts for electronic books.

Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster has reached an agreement, but this case will still proceed against both Apple and other publishers - Macmillan and Penguin Group - "for conspiracy to limit freedom of e-book retailers to price competition," said Department of Justice .

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Tomcat" Afraid of Sunlight

Indonesia - Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare (Welfare) Agung Laksono said the insects 'tomcat' or Rove beetles have a toxin that causes injury to human skin, afraid of sunlight.

"Tomcat afraid of the sun even though she likes the lights," said Agung Laksono here on Thursday.

For that, the Court asked the public aware of tomcat in areas not exposed to moisture and sunlight.

"The community itself is often called upon to close the doors and windows when there is given a mosquito net to prevent the beetles that come in," he said.

Preparing, Mazda CX-5's many enthusiasts

Although not yet formally presented in the automotive market ground water, PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) announced that the newest model in the crossover segment, the Mazda CX-5 is now able to Mazda's new dipesan.Model Indonesia is believed to be ready to gain success in the national car market. Currently their flagship hatchback, the Mazda 2 is still the largest contributor to overall sales of MMI. "We want to complete all segments. From hacthback, sedans, multi-purpose vehicle, sport utility vehicle," said MMI President Keizo Mazda Dealer Okue in Bogor, West Java Wednesday (21/3). Meanwhile, Director of Resources Trada Mobilindo Bogor, Djunaedi Hadiwidjaja admitted that Mazda CX-5 is already receiving some orders from customers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drugs for Tomcat should not be arbitrary

The use of hydrocortisone ointment can not be indiscriminate. Although is predicted as a drug to treat an attack Tomcat, but the use of this ointment should be through a specialist license.

Directorate General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Department Maura Sitanggang Linda explains, hydrocortisone ointment is one type of generic drugs hard.

Therefore, the use of these ointments can not be freely purchased without a prescription. "It should first be examined by a doctor, can only be purchased with a prescription drug," said Linda when sudden inspection to community pharmacies in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/3).

There are 12 Types and How to Solve Tomcat insect poison

Insects are known to attack the insect tomcat apartments in Surabaya. This insect is also reportedly attacked and Wonorejo Kenjeran region.
Insect expert from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Hari Sutrisno, said, "Insect Tomcat is actually the genus Paederus insects."
The insects are beetles have relatively small size, about 1 cm so that sometimes is not recognized. The uniqueness of this insect is the wing that did not cover the entire abdomen.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What’s New About the New iPad

As was hotly anticipated, Apple unveiled the latest version of the iPad today, the company's first major product announcement since the death of co-founder Steve Jobs last year.
The new iPad will retail for $499 for the 16GB version, the same as the iPad2 currently on the shelves, and $699 for the $64GB model. The product is available for pre-order today and is slated to ship on March 16, according to Apple.

The Hydrant, from Bali to Slovakia

 The Hydrant is a band consisting of Marshello (vocals and harmonica), Wis. (guitar), Adi (double bass), Christopper (stand up drums). The band was formed in Denpasar, Bali on August 14, 2004. Initially they played and created Rockabilly tunes.

Wis Marshello introduced to the guitarist, and finally was able to create an aura of excellent music for the Bali and Indonesia. their purpose is only one, which is to play Rockabilly music and introduce to the rest of Indonesia.

Rock and Roll and Rockabilly in the 50s at most affect the work of The Hydrant, such as Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash, Stray Cats and. Given Bali, especially Kuta, is a well known tourist destination, Rockabilly music and lifestyle quickly channeled into the lives of four men. They have written their songs in English and Indonesia.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

President of AC Milan Interested signing Cristiano Ronaldo

MILAN - AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi admitted that he hoped tobring the Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo. However, Berlusconiwould only bring Ronaldo if the price is in accordance with the current economic conditions.

"Cristiano Ronaldo, I can not say not to sign him. However, the price must be reasonable considering the economic crisis is not just happening inItaly today," he said in a television show Il Processo in Biscardi, Tuesday(6/3).

The Smiths vs. Lana Del Rey - This Charming Video Game

As well known, flamboyant and charismatic pop singer from the UK, Morrissey will come to Indonesia for the concert to be held in May 2012.Last Thursday, the official concert tickets already sold.
For the fans to watch Morrissey is like a dream come true. Wait a dozen years or decades will ultimately reap the happiness in the month of May.
Morrissey started his career in 1982 as lead singer of music group The Smiths. Means that this year has been exactly 30 years musical career.
In the midst of my preparation for Morrissey concert tickets online, accidentally I saw a video of an editorial, "The Smiths vs Lana Del Rey - This Charming Video Game (Mashup)".

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Qatar coach: Investigate Indonesia vs Bahrain National Team Game

TEHRAN - Qatar coach, Paulo Autuori keget unbelievable when knowing the outcome of games versus the Bahrain national team Indonesia-ending 10-0. He said there are some oddities in the game led by referee Andre El Haddad from Lebanon is.

The first odd moment is flash a red card to goalkeeper Indonesia, Samsidar in the second minute of the game. In addition to the red card, Bahrain was awarded a penalty. Not just one, Bahrain also received a penalty four times throughout the game.

Crude Oil Prices Predicted RI Translucent U.S. $ 121

Jakarta - The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources estimates that the average price of crude oil Indonesia (Indonesian crude price / ICP) in February to break the U.S. $ 121 per barrel.

This was conveyed by Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Jero Wacik on a meeting with House Commission VII member in the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (02/28/2012). "Toward the close the day in February, we expect the ICP to reach U.S. $ 121 per barrel," said Wacik.

Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 Release

JAKARTA - The computer manufacturer Lenovo introduces PCs All-In-One (AIO) IdeaCentre B520 tailored to meet the needs of Indonesian families.

Regional Business Manager Indonesia Julius Lenovo IdeaCentre B520 AIO Tjhin said combining five important role that the performance capabilities of PCs that are reliable, responsive touch screen capabilities, the ability to turn on the TV, the ability to play 3D games and saving space.

"Alo other PC does not have as much functionality IdeaCentre B520. PC Mac AIO branded fruit (Apple) do not feature a touch screen," he said when it held a media conference in Jakarta on Friday (2/3).

Grunge is not Dead Prove Navicula

Navicula was founded in 1996 in Denpasar, Bali by two musical activists: Robi and Dankie. After passing through several personnel changes in the early years of this band is made, until the recent formation formed consisting of: Rob (vocals, guitar), Dankie (guitar), Made (bass) and Gembull (drums). Navicula name was taken from a similar single-celled algae gold, shaped like a small ship (in Latin Navicula means small ship).

Ten Results Bad Indonesia Throughout History

Ten. This figure is suddenly not out of mind and the minds of football fans crowded into the discussion of the homeland, Wednesday (29/2) last night.Because, unfortunately, history has created an embarrassment for Indonesia national team. In the last match of World Cup 2014 qualifying zone Asia, Indonesia swallowed Bahrain hosts, 10-0.Ten goals to create the goal Andi Muhammad Guntur. As if the more complete the misery, Samsidar received a red card in third minute of the match, following a red card to the coach Aji Santoso, and four times the penalty imposed referee Andre El Haddad from Lebanon. History also records, no other team after the Brighton & Hove Albion in March 1989 who received four penalty at once in one game.Tried to summarize the top ten results from Indonesia's worst ever experienced in history. Definition of "worst" does not necessarily mean defeat with a great score, but also the results surprising and unexpected that prevent the realization of a dream Indonesia to excel. Ten games are also selected based on their impact on the development of football country as a whole. Thus, the 7-1 defeat of Uruguay, for example, the test match is not included in the record.Note these results are also not meant to be blasphemous, but done in a spirit of learning from the experiences that have been experienced by Indonesia. Football is not only about winning, but also how to rise from adversity.

Will Nissan Datsun Cheap Car Production

Nissan Motor Co. plans to launch low-cost cars under the brand lawasnya,Datsun, for the automotive markets in some developing countries, reportedbusiness daily newspaper in Japan, the Nikkei, Thursday (1/3).
As a first step, the product will be built and sold in Russia, India andIndonesia, with a price tag of around U.S. $ 6200 or less equivalent to Rp.57 million off the road.