Friday, October 7, 2011

A man killed his mother's heart as Avril Lavigne concert tickets

A man from Illinois, Robert Lyons 39, was indicted for first degree murder,allegedly because he killed his own mother would disagree Avril Lavigneconcert tickets in March 2008.
His mother, Linda Bolek refused to ask for help to his friend to get the Avrilconcert ticketLyons hit Bolek head twice with a bottle of liquor, and thenstabbed him nine times in the back after he fell on the kitchen floor - evenas the brutality of the attackthe blade up off the handle and stuck in the body Bolek, the prosecutor told the jury in the trial them. Another used aknife to kill up to because he was stuck with crooked so strong,prosecutors said.

After thatLyons threw Drano and some cleaning chemicals into the bodies of his mother "to embarrass" later she went shoppingAssistantState Attorney Joe Lindt said, Lyons was arrested some time later at nightthe same at Hooters restaurant in Schaumburg.

Lyons argues that the defense was first to threaten her with a knife and then Lyons defendant killed him by accident.

Lyons threatened for a life sentence in prison(KAD / UGC)