Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love poems to love not to

I admire him

Every time I see him,

I was looking at heaven.

Never had I found that like him.

The work of God's most perfect.

Under the soles of his feet I'm willing to lie down.

I just want you dear,

Sitting beside me,

While speaking about our task,

Our problem,

I just want you my girl, moon in my night,

Sun in my morning.

I never felt there was a blemish.

Though I never said tenderly,

never seduce seductive,

but I was never willing.

I just wanted you to my heart

Accompany you to the edge of the world,

past the limits of reason to a world of paradox reply.


this woman is another God,

What do you do to her?

I know I do not deserve him,

But I learned,

But I decided to keep the liver.

Since first met her, met her,

I already know the Lord..

I'm always amazed at her I do not deserve it,

I would never see her again.

I just want to live alone ..

I'm sorry women,

forgive me Lord ..